We made this website in order to support bloggers from all over the world and the blogger community. It works by reading RSS or Atom feeds that users provide and then links to the newest posts on user's blogs.

When your blog and your blog's feed is added to our base, the site will start reading your feed and add links to the newest posts to your blog on this site.

All posts are the property of their owners.

Contact: info [at] lonelyblogs.com

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How to get link to Rss or Atom feed?

You will probably find an url to the Rss or Atom feed on your blog under the icon with "RSS" or "Atom" written on it. Some blogs will have it in the footer, header or in the sidebar. Click on this icon and copy the url address that you see in the browser and then paste it here.

Your link to Rss or Atom feed will probably look something like this:
- http://yourblog.serviceprovider.com/feeds/posts/default
- http://yourblog.serviceprovider.com/feed/

Now steal this image!

Add a lonelyblogs.com badge to your site!.

How to do it?

If your blog is on Wordpress platform, go to your dashboard and click on "Widgets". Now you have to add a new "Text widget" and paste the code for image in it.
That's it!

Code for the image above:

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